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If you must discard any items as a result of contamination and you are claiming these goods under an insurance policy, obtain permission to do so from your adjuster before discarding them. Otherwise your claim may not be honored. Contact your agent or broker as soon as possible.


Follow these steps if your home has been damaged by flood or water.

  1. Check Natural Gas and Propane
  2. Use a flash light for the initial inspection. Do not strike a match or use an open flame unless you know that the gas has been turned off and the area has been ventilated. If your home has gas appliances or a gas furnace that may have been flooded, ensure that the gas is shut off before entering the home.
    If the odor of gas is present, do not touch any electrical fixtures or switches (including telephones), to prevent a spark from igniting the gas. Leave the premises immediately, leaving doors open to ventilate the area.
  3. Check Electrical Systems
  4. If an electrical system has been flooded, you should not enter the area until the power is disconnected. Main breaker switches should be turned off.

  5. Check Building Structure
  6. Before entering the house complete a perimeter check of your house and check for structural damage or weaknesses that could have been caused by the flood. Be careful when entering the building. A door sticking at the top may indicate that the ceiling is ready to fall.

  7. Protect your home from further damage.
  8. Get fresh air moving through the home by leaving the doors and windows open (weather permitting). Patch holes in the roof, walls or windows to prevent the further entry of rainwater. Check for broken or leaking water pipes by shutting off all taps and then checking the water meter to see if water is flowing through it.

  9. Carefully drain the basement, if required
  10. When it is safe to re-enter your home, slowly pump or drain all water from the basement. If the water has been standing for some time, is visibly cloudy, and/or has a foul smell, it is likely polluted and requires urgent treatment and removal.

  11. And...

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